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  • Tutorial Suggestions

    I want to work on making video Scripting Tutorials soon and want to get everyone's suggestions on what "goals" I should aim for.

    By "goals", I mean a final product for the script or something practical many people would want to learn how to do. This may be, how to make a gun or making a team switching Gui.

    If you post your suggestions I will do what I can to make a tutorial on the topic and credit you in the video.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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  • RE: Wishes to Roblox (Basically ideas/features that you wish Roblox would add)

    Kind of wish Roblox would add an 18+ filter that allowed for those eighteen years or older to be given the ability to chat a little more freely.

    Roblox censors words by context now but it's rather a bad context system that should have improved in the past couple years. The context filter has the tendency to censor words like the, and, Private (in the context of Private Message), "hacker." (it's only if you have the period at the end), five digit characters at one point, Roblox wiki links, and probably a list of other innocent words in innocent contexts that do end up getting filtered.

    With the white/blacklist filters, Roblox is starting to make it rather annoying for the 18+ community to chat on the website. I'm simply suggesting to have a little more of a relaxed filtering policy on the 18+ community. Clearly, bad words are not to be shown but allow the community to have a little more room to say those innocent words. I understand the system may get abused, news flash: Someone will always abuse the system. Nothing is perfect.

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  • RE: roblox has hit a new low

    The auto-generated images are free. In this event, to prevent people from flooding Roblox's image moderation queue it was necessary for them to set a limit. It's rather disappointing, however, seeing auto generated images entering moderation queues, but I can somewhat understand Roblox's stance on the issue.

    As before with the auto generated images, a user may make a rather inappropriate place and the thumbnail clearly presents that. In fact, this exact issue occurred on mother's day (of 2014 I believe it was). Since the good chunk of the people that would play those games were young immature boys, those games made it to the front page rather quickly. As many can tell Roblox's moderation team did not appreciate this and took them down. Personally, though, I believe Roblox should have implemented the auto generated image moderation within days of the event but some other event may have lead to the institution of this feature.

    From a parent's perspective, the website might be seen as a place with relaxed guidelines on user creation and try to prevent their younger children from playing. Additionally, parents, people in general, want to see what they are paying for. If a parent were to go to the front games page and, like the issue I just described, saw the content of that nature, they likely would keep their child off of Roblox and not purchase Builders Club or Robux.

    There also comes into account the legal aspects as "adult content" isn't supposed to be easily accessible to minors. For a website designed for kids, there is that chance of legal issues and the possibility of lawsuits.

    The topic may go more in depth and there may be other reasons behind the regulation of auto generated images but these are some key points I believe seem logical. I am not a Roblox employee myself and I certainly am not speaking on behalf of the corporation. I am simply expressing my insight on the topic and welcome anyone to provide their opinions on the matter.

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  • RE: Please, stop answering in the comments.

    There is an option where if a user updates their question title to include [Solved] it will mark the question as answered.

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  • RE: Please, stop answering in the comments.

    For me, I see comments as a way to post theories as to what is actually going wrong.

    You've got people that don't post full code or are otherwise jerks on the website in the end. I find the comments to be a safe place to explain a problem and the steps to fix that problem. If that solution does work, then you just blew that rep. If the suggestion doesn't work, I don't believe you are able to get any downvotes to your comments.

    Answers I find to be an area where you are sure of your solution. Comments are when you want to have the grey area filled in and provide suggestions as to what is going wrong.

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  • RE: How did we get our usernames?

    I chose my username back in 2012 when signing up for ROBLOX. I was just wanting to play some games with a friend and just needed a username. Of course Megagamer came to mind and by 2012 that username was already taken.

    At the time, I was into leet speak. I knew what it was and decided to adjust my username to it. I figured if you write out a g it looks somewhat like a 9. The three written backwards may even look like an E.

    As for the R at the end of my username, I have no idea why I have it capitalized. I guess I preferred both the first and last character to be capitalized in my name.

    That is the story of how I got my username.

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  • How did we get our usernames?

    This topic is basically the story of our lives, or at least our usernames. Some people choose their usernames based on a favorite word, movie, number, or their own name. I want to hear why you guys chose your usernames.

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  • RE: Tip of the Day Suggestion Thread

    Current Tips:

    The ContextActionService service has methods for making sure your game is cross-platform compatible!

    Did you know FindFirstChild has a second, optional, parameter which will search through every descendant?

    Don't understand an error message? Try this wiki page!

    Use Ctrl+Shift+F in Studio to search through all scripts in your game at once!

    The Died event is the best way to do things upon a player's death.

    Writing one function is quicker than writing the same code twice. (Credit to CodeTheorem)

    Pressing F9 in game will display the developer console which can be used to see the output in a running game. (Credit to FearMeIAmLag)

    Use the GetFullName method to get the full hierarchy of any object, in standard Lua syntax!

    ] The JumpPower property of Humanoids allows you to set how high a Character can Jump!

    For games that use network filtering, you'll have to use RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions to communicate between the server and the clients.

    If you do not eventually yield inside of a while loop, it'll crash your game.

    To use HttpService, you must have HttpEnabled set to true!

    The Kick() method has an optional parameter to display a message.

    In games with FilteringEnabled set to true, any changes you make outside of the player, in a LocalScript, will remain local, and will not show on the server.

    Using the method wait() rather than connect() on an event will cause your script to wait until the event has occurred.

    Call any function via the pcall function to catch errors and continue script execution!

    Remember DRY: Don't Repeat Yourself. Instead of writing the same code twice, always write a function that executes the same thing. It'll save you time and make your code more readable!

    It's important to use indentations to space out your code. Code that isn't tabbed is extremely messy and difficult to understand! You should use one additonal indentation for every new code block.

    To maintain security in your FilteringEnabled game, never trust anything the client sends you. Always check to see if the data the client is sending you makes sense and is possible. Being good at network security is never trusting anything anyone sends you.

    To make smooth animations, use RenderStepped along with an easing function based on the current time with tick. Never use for loops with a simple wait in between each iteration!

    Did you know: There's a language called Moonscript that compiles into Lua, and has many features Lua lacks such as classes (OOP), significant whitespace, string interpolation, and table comprehensions!

    Lua functions are just like any other variable value. You can pass functions around just like you can variables to create some cool callback magic!

    You can use unpack to unpack a table into a tuple, which allows you to return multiple values from a function easily from a table.

    To quickly put the arguments of a variadic function into a table, simply use {...}.

    Lua supports hexadecimal literals, e.g. local x = 0x18 will set x to be equal to 24.

    Think about how much your code actually needs to run: You probably don't need your zombie AI to recalculate its target every single frame, or checking if a player is within a certain range every frame. These operations only need to take place every second or so, and this will reduce latency in your game!

    Try to send as little data to the client as possible in order to speed up your game. Keep all models, tools, and maps that aren't in use in ServerStorage.

    You can't actually execute two blocks of code at the same time in a ROBLOX game, all code in ROBLOX runs consecutively, even code in two separate scripts. If you're attempting to use coroutines (or spawn, delay) then make sure you know how they actually work!

    Lighting is not intended for storage. Use ServerStorage, or ReplicatedStorage depending on your intention, if you need to hold objects. Use Lighting for skyboxes and post effects.

    KeyDown is deprecated and should not be used in new works. Instead, use UserInputService or ContextActionService

    Model:TranslateBy() is a resource-friendly smooth position changer, as opposed to a for loop to CFrame a part.

    Instead of using,g/255,b/255), use Color3.fromRGB(r,g,b) to use actual RGB values!

    :connect, :disconnect and :wait are deprecated! Use :Connect, :Disconnect and :Wait instead!

    By using Ctrl+H you are able to search and/or replace words, within a script.

    :remove() is deprecated, use :Destroy() instead.

    Instead of using an infinite loop, see if you can connect the code to an event.

    If you can't explain the purpose of your complicated code in a few sentences, you're probably doing it wrong.

    Most of the Data Constructors in Roblox support more than one method to construct that data type. Using the correct constructor for your needs can simplify your code.

    The MicroProfiler is a advanced tool to analyze and debug client-side performance problems. Additional information about the MicroProfiler can be found here.

    You can use the IsTenFootInterface method of GuiService to determine whether or not a player is playing on a console.

    If you want to clone a table from one variable to another, don't do t2 = t1, that will affect to t2 when t1 is changed. Instead create a function that clones values from a table to another.

    The Parent parameter for is deprecated as it can cause significant performance issues if used incorrectly. A new instance should first be setup then parented to the game to minimize the resources required to replicate each state change throughout the game. More information can be found here.

    Along with printing, you can also use warn(Message")

    Chapters 16.0-16.2 contain everything you need to know about creating custom classes with metatables.

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