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  • RE: Frustration when user deletes question

    Going to add the suggestion to edit instead, and a 20 second countdown to the button. We'll try this out for now and see how it goes. If anyone has a negative experience with an asker deleting their question still after these changes, please reply here and let us know


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  • RE: Downvotes with no explanation

    Considering that casting a down vote deducts 1 reputation from the voter, I think the system is balanced and users have enough counter-incentive not to just down vote "randomly".

    Going to continue with this system for the foreseeable future, I don't want to add any more complexity to the voting system.

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  • RE: Frustration when user deletes question

    I'm considering removing the ability for askers to delete their own questions. Editing will still be possible. Answers will also still be able to be deleted. However, the only people who can delete questions will be community moderators.

    I can't really think of a good reason that someone should ever want to delete their question, other than abusing the system.

    However, I have concerns that in response to this, users will just edit their question and delete all the text from it. Although, that still gives mods a chance to close the question which will deduct reputation from the user. So if they do it enough, they'll get banned from lack of reputation.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts on this

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  • RE: Remove accept/unaccept answer feature for community moderators.

    Community moderators are expected to be pillars of the community earned by being consistently voted up by their peers for their quality content and conduct. Any abuse of the moderation features will result in permanent removal of special privileges.

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  • RE: CVExtra -- Super Module Script

    I just want to remind everyone that harassment and bullying are not permitted on the Scripting Helpers platform and this topic seems to have taken a slight turn for that direction.

    As for the actual content and nature of this commentary, users begin development at some point and have to work their way up. Whether this is the development of their own admin script or a user interface displaying near an object, everyone on our platform had to begin developing somewhere.

    Initially, I was seeing commentary which was constructive which have directed the original poster to determine the omission of a function from the code and functions which spark a debate of readability and necessity. I just want to take the time to point out that terms such as "sucky", "stupid idea", or blatantly calling an individual "an ignorant fool" only detours users from our platform and reflects poorly on a community we wish to build.

    As for the original poster's comments, please take the constructive criticism into consideration and, instead of firing against the criticism, ask why the person giving the criticism is giving it. Many of the higher ranked users on our platform have had years of development experience either purely with Roblox's variation of Lua, or other development languages as a whole. Some users tend to know the material which needs attention and others that may not be necessary, please take this criticism with some weight and understand that energy may be focused better somewhere else.

    I want to end this post on a few constructive notes,

    • Take ideas from users. Find out if there are functions that users might have to make every time and see if you can just build a library of it. Chances are if one person needs it, someone else will.
    • Focus time and energy into something practical. You do not want to put time into something that a malicious user can evade the next day.
    • Find solutions for long-term problems, not today.
    • Consider practicality, not the look of something.
    • Focus on readability of the code so someone can build on it in the future.

    Here are a couple ideas for a library,

    • FindPlayerWithPartial(string) - could be a function that returns one player with part of a string.
    • FindPlayersWithPartials(table{string,...}) - could be a function that returns a list of players from the list of partial strings.
    • MaximumValue(table{int,...}) - find the largest value in the array.
    • MinimumValue(table{int,...}) - find the smallest value in the array.

    Since this topic has gotten slightly out-of-hand, this topic will be closed to new posts. I ask that the users who have been abusive (you know who you are), reflect on their actions in this thread and consider more professional and promotional ways to handle this situation.

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  • RE: Make a scripting joke/dum script

    Only works in Studio. You should know what to do ;-).

    oldPrint = print
    function print()
        print = oldPrint
        print("You're stupid")
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  • RE: Favorite Quote Chain

    “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

    ― Rob Siltanen

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  • RE: How do i fix this? trying to walk on the stairs, not air ;/

    Is it a Union? If so, it might be the way the collisions are being handled.

    Are there any details you could give us on the model?

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  • RE: Eek, this site....

    Roblox Accounts- When Scripting Helpers was created, we had the goal to help people learn how to develop scripts and solve issues relating to that. Since the developers for Scripting Helpers were all users of Roblox, and Roblox uses their own variation of Lua, the direction the developers took this site was to gear it toward the Roblox platform. To reduce the amount of spam and unwanted questions we would receive, Scripting Helpers requires the ownership of a Roblox account.

    Community Chat- The requirement for your account to be older than two weeks to communicate in our chat was necessary to slow the behavior of potentially abusive users.

    Question Titles and Specifications- Question titles must have a question mark because it's a question. The idea of a question is to be asking a question, not to give a flat statement. As per our definition of specific, we have on many occasions encountered users who put a generic title of "Why won't this work?", "What did I do wrong?", "Will this work?", "URGENT, WILL YOU HELP ME!?", and numerous variations. These titles don't draw to attention the people that are skilled in the topic they should have stated in their question, but the people who are merely curious as to what the topic actually is. These topics also easily become difficult to find when a user wants to search our website for a solution to what they are encountering. We place a question title through a filter of words and if originality is not present for a certain percentage of the title, then the question is rejected. We are open to feedback to better improve this filter if you're willing to provide suggestions.

    If you have any other concerns regarding our platform, feel free to ask them here and I can try to explain why some of these rules are implemented. Thank you for your feedback and we may re-evaluate these policies in the future to make them better for the user experience.

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  • RE: What are cookies on the forum, and how do I get them?

    Cookies are a form of positive reinforcement to show gratitude in the response of the user. Whether the overall quality of the message is admirable or you found information within the post to be useful to your goal, cookies are a way to show that a community member is going some great work.

    They are essentially a second form of reputation apart from the website.

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