• RE: Group Games

    As long as you have place editing permissions (being owner of a group, you have all of them). Then you should still have this ability.

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  • RE: Make a scripting joke/dum script

    Hey, I know this topic is ancient. I just wanted to share a little script that's an adaptation to my proof of concept posted months ago. When running this script in the Roblox Studio Command Bar, it will make a reference to the pre-existing Instance object. We then define a new variable named Instance which overwrites the original object. The script will then create a new function which reinstates the old object to the Instance variable and creates and returns a part.

    oldInstance = Instance
    Instance = {}
    Instance.new = function()
    	Instance = oldInstance
    	local nPart = Instance.new("Part")
    	return nPart
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  • RE: CVExtra (V2!) -- Super Module Script

    A lot of these functions seem downright pointless to me, or would deserve to be moved to an entirely different (sub-)module.

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  • RE: Discord webhook module

    @NinjaXDpro @kingdom5 Because Discord has blocked incoming requests from Roblox (due to request spam caused by faulty scripts), if you wish to make a Discord webhook request from Roblox you will have to go through a proxy.

    The good news is the Roblox user Osyris has already setup a proxy server just for that, and the transition is very easy. All you have to do is change your http requests' URLs from "https://discordapp.com/api/*" to "https://discord.osyr.is/*".

    A proxy is a webserver that acts as an intermediary; it sits in-between your Roblox server and the Discord server, and simply relays all incoming requests to Discord and their responses back to you.

    The result is that instead of seeing Roblox as the sender of the request, Discord sees that other website. This is enough to fool Discord into thinking the request didn't come from a Roblox game.

    Be careful as to not spam requests though, else Discord will also block the proxy and we'll be back to square one.

    The reason Discord blocked Roblox in the first place was that people were using it as a way to record error messages. However badly written scripts caused errors over and over in tight infinite loops, resulting in request spam.

    Discord is really not the service for this kind of thing. If you wish to record error messages I recommend you search for another service.

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  • RE: How to force a dictionary to go in order.

    Incapaz's solution is alright.

    However the __index metamethod would not help in any way.

    That being said, you can use a mixed table to enable random access while preserving the order of the elements:

    local t = {
        { key = "key1", value = "value1" },
        { key = "key2", value = "value2" },
        { key = "key3", value = "value3" },
        { key = "key4", value = "value4" },
        { key = "key5", value = "value5" }
    for i = 1, #t do
        local pair = t[i]
        t[pair.key] = pair
    -- ...
    -- iterating in order
    for _, pair in ipairs(t) do
        print(pair.key, ':', pair.value)
    -- random access
    t["key2"].value = 2


    key1 : value1
    key2 : value2
    key3 : value3
    key4 : value4
    key5 : value5

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  • RE: Frustration when user deletes question

    Going to add the suggestion to edit instead, and a 20 second countdown to the button. We'll try this out for now and see how it goes. If anyone has a negative experience with an asker deleting their question still after these changes, please reply here and let us know


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  • RE: Downvotes with no explanation

    Considering that casting a down vote deducts 1 reputation from the voter, I think the system is balanced and users have enough counter-incentive not to just down vote "randomly".

    Going to continue with this system for the foreseeable future, I don't want to add any more complexity to the voting system.

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  • RE: Frustration when user deletes question

    I'm considering removing the ability for askers to delete their own questions. Editing will still be possible. Answers will also still be able to be deleted. However, the only people who can delete questions will be community moderators.

    I can't really think of a good reason that someone should ever want to delete their question, other than abusing the system.

    However, I have concerns that in response to this, users will just edit their question and delete all the text from it. Although, that still gives mods a chance to close the question which will deduct reputation from the user. So if they do it enough, they'll get banned from lack of reputation.

    Please feel free to share your thoughts on this

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  • RE: Remove accept/unaccept answer feature for community moderators.

    Community moderators are expected to be pillars of the community earned by being consistently voted up by their peers for their quality content and conduct. Any abuse of the moderation features will result in permanent removal of special privileges.

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