I am in need of a development team

  • I would like a development team, there is some stuff I need you to follow if you wanna be apart of it all.

    1. You need to be experienced at building or scripting (Or both!)
    2. You need to be 11+
    3. You need to have at least been scripting or building for over a year.
    4. This is not really a rule, but, you will get paid after the game. I won't be able to give you much. But, if you continue working with me with other games too, I will be able to pay you more. :)

    After this post, I am going to start building on a Simulator Game, if you wanna help me developing, just talk to me on disc: whoknows#0431

  • Here is some advice to get people to script and build you a game:

    Be famous on roblox with 5K+ followers that way you will have 5000 people and good quality programmers to get help from, also I met a 10 year old that can program better than me.. By the way, simulator games aren't original anymore..

    Also people don't just "code" for you unless you pay them, they are the ones that help put together a bunch of models.

  • Hi, i am MmadProgrammer, an intermediate scripter and intermediate scripter. I can help with some things, but i cant gurantee that i can do everything.

  • @greatneil80 I see, thank you for the advice. c:

  • I can work for free

  • Hey! im zander i have been scripting for at least a year. my scripting skills are the following:

    1. i can script guns
    2. i can script intermission and teleports
    3. i can script pick up scripts such as to pick up weapons
    4. im able to script gamepasses and etc
      well anyways im intrested in what type of games your making

  • btw i own a group

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