Looking for a team

  • Hi there,

    I am currently about to begin a project which is at the moment unnamed.
    I need at least a designer and a scripter to help complete this project. Payment will be in the form of percentages based on the game's revenue (percentages are negotiable).
    As for my role in the project I will be organising the team, marketing the completed game as well as helping where I can with the development aspects.

    The minimum requirements for any applicants are as follows:

    • Be at least 13 years of age.
    • Have some evidence as to why you are a good designer/scripter.
    • Be able to work in a group.
    • Have a working mic in case voice communication is required.
    • Have the time to dedicate to the project.
    • Have passion for the project.
    • Have the ability to follow and manage a design plan

    If any of you are interested; PM me on discord for details on what the project will involve as well as your skills (ability to program/design or both, etc). If all goes well, I would be excited to take on more projects with you in the future!

    Thank you for reading, I look forward to any applicants!
    Discord: greatguy999 #2339

  • Intro - About Me
    -I am an intermediate scripter and builder.
    -I am 13 years old
    -I am not looking for any pay
    -I have a mic
    -My discord: Clasterboy#5825

    Answering your question

    1. Have some evidence as to why you are a good designer/scripter
      Answer: Currently creating this magic game ; This gif gives you a preview of when you press a certain key

  • Hi there,

    I have replied to you on discord MmadProgrammer.

    Many thanks.
    Harry C

  • Hello, I am 13 years old, also I have a mic.
    I am a builder and scripter and also somewhat a decent GUI designer.
    Some of my examples:

    My discord: huddybuddy321#0947
    Also I don't use free models.

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