Scripting Helpers should increase their ROBLOX presence.

  • At the moment, I feel like Scripting Helpers' website is more active than ever. However, when I go to the ROBLOX group, it's depressing. It doesn't look like it's getting many new users, and the group shout hasn't been changed since 2015. Also, the description is #'ed and the formatting is messed up. There are people on the wall asking if the group is dead, and nobody is responding to them. I think we should liven up the group a bit more, and maybe come up with some ideas and challenges to influence group interaction.

  • It would be good if the group was a bit more active.

  • There was an attempt to make a place for the group, but it was never finished. But this is a good idea.

    Do you have ideas for how we could "liven up" the group? Change the description and shout will only do so much.

  • Well, first off, I think some advertising would certainly help. Also, maybe we should have some kind of group-exclusive contest/event. Just generally anything to get people's attention and get them engaged.

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