What's your favorite ROBLOX game?

  • I'm curious. I suspect a lot of favorite games will be mostly originating from nostalgia.

    My favorite game has to be Super Paper Roblox. I love games with a story, and I love obbies. This had both, and a ton of Easter eggs I enjoyed spending my time trying to find. I read all the dialog, even taking time to go back to all the areas each chapter to find all the dialog updated with new stories and epic humor that I very much enjoyed. The second and third play though were only better.

    I would love to hear your favorite games!

  • @OldPalHappy I think my favorite game is Flood Escape. It comes with a nice hint of nostalgia while still staying caught up with the times. I wish the creator would keep updating it, though.

  • @ChipioIndustries I've played that game. Obbies are my favorite on ROBLOX, and all I'll really play anymore. I never truly got into it though, but I think I remember playing it when I was younger in 2012. If it wasn't that game, it was a game that reminds me of it.

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