Taking game ideas

  • I need to make an impressive Roblox game for a class. So if anybody has game ideas that you would like to see created, I will probably do it if it's not too big lmao. Like a few weeks of solo developing, but I can devote ALL of my free time to it. Multiplayer, singleplayer, anything. Thank you!

    (This is a good spot for anyone else seeking ideas as well :))

  • What is your exact assignment prompt? It'll be easier to come up with ideas if we have all the details.

  • Well... without a prompt, I would say that you should make an abstract single player game. Start the player out in a weird environment and come up with a simple yet engaging story.

  • @ChipioIndustries Single Player story games are cool and all, but you're developing on a multiplayer platform, one of the things ROBLOX is useful for. I think a multiplayer game with a neat game dynamic would be a better idea personally.

    This is saying after my favorite game on ROBLOX is a story game, with a limited amount of time a story game won't turn out as good if you don't have that much time to invest into it.

  • There's no "prompt" I simply need to make a game. Ahh I wish this forum was more active. I have some ideas tho.

  • @cabbler Well let's hear 'em! (:

  • @ChipioIndustries I could make some niche sports game. I wish baseball, but the HCBB guys are doing great. A horror game, but it is mostly atmospheric. A Mario scroller remake, but it is not a good use of 3D. I could make a small casino environment with poker and blackjack and slots. I like that.

  • I always thought the idea of a Rope-Swing ragdoll game was a neat idea, like that one game....

    With the new constraints it might be fairly easy, idk.

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