More main site notifications.

  • You should get notified in the Q&A comments beyond 1 on your own answers. Otherwise it seems you must go through reputation or even browser history. I propose notifications on:

    • Each reply to your Q / A, separated by unseen chunks.

    For example you get notified for the first comment, but none for the further ones until you check. Then you get another. So on. It's more of a reminder to take a look.

    • Same as above inside comment sections that you simply participated. Until several days of silence (necrobumps).
    • Lastly every single time your name is mentioned anywhere. Including imperfections like all lowercase.

    Maybe comments should be fleshed out in general but this is a start.

  • I second this. At present you can't follow up with anyone unless you post an answer and they reply directly to that answer.

    There may be situations in which you don't want to receive notifications about replies: it would be good if there was a checkbox near the "Post" comment button that defaulted to a checked state and had the text "Subscribe to conversation" -- this way, you could opt-out of receiving notifications if desired. There could be a similar checkboxes in other locations to let you unsubscribe from conversations or even entire questions/answers.

    I wonder if those "several days of silence" should be longer. Once it took nearly 2 months for someone to get back to me; sometimes I'm away from the site for a couple weeks/months as well.

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