Roblox Lua Scripting for Starters ! - Introduction To Lua

  • **Hi Everyone,
    I decided to do a tutorial series on Roblox Lua Scripting
    So Lets Get on it :) :)
    Since I consider myself a beginner in RBXLua, I will provide short and easy to understand description so y'all
    could understand it better !!!
    Let's start learning together :) :) :)

    Firstly,To start scripting and creating a good game,you need to understand the following questions:

    • What is Lua? - (General Knowledge)
      Lua is a lightweight yet powerful scripting Language Created by Roberto Ierusalimschy.

    • What is RBXLua ?
      RBXLua is a scripting Language Created by the roblox corporation to make coding and programming easier.

    • How do I learn Efficiently ?
      You can learn more efficiently by following what i do in the tutorials as my tutorial tend to be more Practical
      How do i start scripting?
      Firstly, Open Roblox Studio then Right Click and click on 'Insert Object' and then click on 'Script'
      click on 'Insert Object' and then click on 'Script
      You Will See Something an blank script with only the code:
      print("Hello World!")
      A script with only the code print("Hello world!")

    The code that is shown will be explained upon in my next series.
    Thank You all for y'all time! :)

    As this is my first time posting, can you give your opinions and feedback on this tutorial so i can improve on it.
    Thank You!!

  • The only real thing I can nit-pick from this is that RBXLua isn't a language of its own. It's still Lua. ROBLOX scripting uses Lua. RBXLua isn't a new scripting language, it's just Luawith a few added methods.

  • @OldPalHappy
    Thanks, I will take note.

  • @OldPalHappy More like removed a lot of the features :P

  • @kingdom5 I still question why ROBLOX doesn't use the method. It's so useful!

  • @Spongocardo Don't even get me started lol

  • The 'basic scripting tutorial' is pretty saturated. It isn't worth it unless the tutorial is legitimately unprecedented from an insightful, experienced, successful coder, which I doubt you are. Not trying to stop you. But this is the likely consensus.

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