Roblox Lua Scripting for Starters ! - The output and The print function

  • Hi Everyone :)
    This is the second part of the series.
    In this Series/Topic, I am going to share about the Output And the print function v
    I am gonna tell you what you can do with the print function.


    • Firstly,
      You need to open the output by going to:
      View --> Output
      If it's already open then leave it as it is
      In you scripting adventure/quest/Journey/lessons ( Or whatever you want to call it)
      You may find that the output is very useful for fixing and finding errors in your code.** ;)
    • Now to the print function:
      When you open the script, you will see:
      print("Hello World!")
      Let's break it down.
    print("Hello World")
    print() #When this function is called, it print whatever inside the brackets to the output 
    print () #Inside the brackets is the stuff that you want to print to the output.
    #For Example:
    print("Hello world")
    >Hello world
    > 1122

  • @itachhi1713 You should also cover warn() and error() as they can be useful.

  • @kingdom5 Thanks! Will take note

  • You should do like a

    <-- Previous---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Next-->

    or something

    alt text

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