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    I want to work on making video Scripting Tutorials soon and want to get everyone's suggestions on what "goals" I should aim for.

    By "goals", I mean a final product for the script or something practical many people would want to learn how to do. This may be, how to make a gun or making a team switching Gui.

    If you post your suggestions I will do what I can to make a tutorial on the topic and credit you in the video.

    Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

  • It'd be nice to learn how to create a custom chat GUI with FilteringEnabled. I've attempted this myself but ended up having issues with my chat replicating to clients properly without messing up the order of the messages as well as dealing with ROBLOX's filtering system.

  • @Spongocardo You would store the chat in the local script and have the remote event pass new data, this way you can load the chat back when the gui is added.

  • @M39a9am3R A small tutorial on the new tween service would be cool. I have used it and I think it is very good since you can apply it to any instance such as parts or guiobjects.

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