TM-A Commands

  • I decided to make my own admin commands for a little bit of fun. TM-A Commands consists of currently a little over 100 commands. It is constantly being updated, and updates automatically, so you do not need to update it.

    To start using it, insert this model into your game(s). There are two objects inside the model: A part named DELETE and a script named settings. Delete the delete part and open the sctipt. There is a lot of different settings you can toggle, such as enabling/disabling specific commands, admin users, and a lot more.

    There is currently no online list of commands. The list of commands can be found in game by saying :cmds. I will occassionally update this thread, so watch for new updates!

    Sadly, settings can not be automatically updated. However, the script automatically has a default setting value for each setting in case you do not have new settings. I am working on a way to see new updates and add them to your script if you wish to.

    If you would like, you can demo the admin here before using it in your games.

    The admins W.I.P discord server can be found here.

    Thanks for reading if you have this far, I hope you consider checking out the admin.

    (This also happens to be my first post on the forums. Dunno why I don't post more :thinking:)

  • This post is deleted!
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