How to set Position Of things in Backpack.

  • If you are annoyed of tools that are not in 1st place intead then on 6th and u cant do anything about it?
    Then i have the solution!
    Put all Tools in ServerStorage and insert a script in Workspace.
    Now copy this into the script:

     --Replace every ItemName with the name of your tool if it has spaces between it dont worry
    --if there are to many items then Delete the other local clones u dont need and  clone.Parent
    -- example if u removed  clone 8 9 and 10 u need to remove clone8.Parent with 9 and 10
    local clone1 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone() --This will be the first Item 
    local clone2 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone() -- This The Second Item
    local clone3 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone()
    local clone4 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone()
    local clone5 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone()
    local clone6 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone()
    local clone7 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone()
    local clone8 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone()
    local clone9 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone()
    local clone10 = game.ServerStorage["ItemName"]:Clone()
    clone1.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone2.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone3.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone4.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone5.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone6.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone7.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone8.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone9.Parent = game.StarterPack
    clone10.Parent = game.StarterPack

    It works with HopperBins too.

  • That is not a good way to do it just soo you know

  • If u copy all Children at once with a short script then u cant set the position in backpack of each tool.

  • Just saying, you should not use Lighting for storage. This is why Roblox made ReplicatedStorage and ServerStorage.

  • Also, why wouldn't this work with hopperbins? Every item (excluding services and datamodel) has a parent property, and a clone function.

  • @hiimgoodpack HopperBins shouldn't be used anyways. Idk why she brought it up 🤷

  • @Thundermaker300 Yes. Hopperbins are deprecated anyways.

  • @Thundermaker300 hopperbins are alot easier than 300 lines of scripting

  • @Lolamtic or more

  • @Lolamtic Yes, but they are deprecated, and might not even work in the future. If you are still using them, you are way behind.

  • @Lolamtic The clone tool is easy. You can just do

    	local mouse = game.Players.LocalPlayer:GetMouse()
    	if mouse.Target:IsA('BasePart') then
    		mouse.Target:Clone().Parent = mouse.Target.Clone.Parent

    And that only took us 6 lines of code! Run this command in the command bar.

    print(300 - 6)

    Now see how off you are with your estimate. That print statements tells u how off you are.

    1. What about the textures
    2. What about the sound
    3. What about the no Handle (your arm wont move)
    4. It will only clone not locked stuff

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Lolamtic It only takes one more line of code to make it play a sound, and it will clone locked stuff.

  • @hiimgoodpack you forgot about part 1 and 3

  • @Lolamtic No one stares at a tool and say "Does this part move? Otherwise, I'm gonna complain to this creator.

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