When you start programming, everything seems a little complicated at first, like there's no way you can learn how others do what they do.

Then, you program a few things for a few weeks and you get the impression things are rather easy. "Everything must be linear! Variables, functions, methods, they're all simple; I get it."

Then, after programming for another couple weeks, you slowly lose confidence in your knowledge. You make it over the first hill to find a mountain. You realize you don't know anything about what you thought you did.

I notice this a ton, and I'm just making this post to ask people to be modest, but also to be supportive to others, and help them respectfully. It's okay to be wrong. One person is always wrong in any non-subjective 1 on 1 argument, after all.

I like this illustration:
alt text

I recommend reading this neat article about the process of learning how to program, from beginner to job-ready. This can apply to a lot of things, I find, so I highly recommend this neat read!

Here's the link