How to see all the questions/answers of other users?

  • Hey guys,
    I was wondering how I can see all the questions/answers of another user because I need to show somebody all my questions/answers for educational purposes. I have only been able to see like 5 questions and answers or so of other users because the rest are not visible on their profile. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks,

    ~ KingLoneCat

  • Some people like to mass -1 others (ex. out of revenge), which is why (I expect) you can't access all of someone's answers/questions - because of this, I don't want to publish the answer (I expect it can go the other way, too -- a few popular/famous users might get +1s that they wouldn't have had they not been famous). Since you have answered a lot of questions, I'll trust you aren't doing either; I've PMed you on Roblox the answer to your question.

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