Looking for someone to make my scripts more efficient!

  • Hello! So I am looking for someone who would be willing to make my scripts efficient. All of my scripts are made and I am willing to pay up to 500 R$.


    More in-depth: I am making a game that involves purchasing a house and doing renovations to raise it's value when you sell it. I have the scripts that make this game function but I have one inconvenience... it is too difficult to change all of the script to make them work with another house. For example, I want all of my scripts to be under the same model for me to be able to duplicate the model and place it elsewhere.

    You can contact me on Roblox @ BunnyFilms1 or on Twitter @BunnyFilms1

    Please note that there are less than 15 scripts that need to be made efficient :D

  • I am more than willing to do it for free. If all you are looking for is simplifying scripts, I believe it should be free. Friend me on roblox, JakePlays_TV and i got you covered. Just message me

  • efficient in what way?

  • I can help you. If you need references to check my work you can play my games to see the amount of scripting I do.

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