Scripter for Military Group

  • Hi there, I am looking to recruit a scripter for a Military group (USAF) we have 60K+ members.

    I am one of the Devs for the group and we are in desperate need of a Scripter. Our group is growing about 500 Members every 2-3 weeks and we have lots of opportunity.

    We pay very well. (More complicated things the more you will get payed)

    If you could send me any of your work to view that would help.

    If you are interested please message me on Discord Nathan123#9041

  • @Nathan123 I could probably do it, however I am just so busy, with my own admin commands, plus BLOCKplex, plus a couple of other mini-group things, and real life in general. I do, however, hope you find someone, and good luck.

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