Looking for a Hotel scripter

  • Hi Person,

    I have recently been working on a Hotel game, but since I don't have the time: I'm willing to pay at least R$ 300 for a Hotel Room Availability System. Basically, it will check the room's availability by checking if the key cards (with a room number) are owned by someone (check all player's starter packs).

    If the room is available the part with the room number will turn green, if not then red. Just for your information, Keycards are named by the room number, ex. music 109, 209, 309.

    Please make sure it is FilteringEnabled. If you accomplished this successfully, I will consider you for future work.

    I hope you take the offer,

  • I honestly would do it for you, but I am not willing to accept the ROBUX offer. It is a little low. Sorry. Hope you find someone whom is willing to do it for that price.

  • I can help you. Let me know when and if. If you need references check out my games.

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