Looking For Experienced / Skilled Scripter [For Survival Game]

  • Were looking for a scripter capable of scripting things like a building system and working tools and enemies and who can be a team player, we are paying devs with a share of the games income when its released. as a scripter you will earn the most amount out of the group. you will be working with a dedicated team and allies. The game is inspired by Ark Survival Evolved, and were making for both of income and a fun development experience. Message me, Kimchi if you are interested on helping with our project.

    Our discord: https://discord.gg/rVxvGnX

    Our game showcase: https://web.roblox.com/games/1295304750/Game-Project-Showcase

  • IDK what your looking for work wise but I can interpret already made scripts and make a few scripts.

  • @shawngamer1 hey, well were looking for a scripter who is capable of making their own scripts like building system and working tools including an inventory system. we need one who is comfortable with their knowledge on some advanced scripting.

  • I can add background music and build if you need it.

  • That discord invite is expired buddy xD !

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