Hiring for a GUI Tycoon group game!

  • Its going to be a tycoon like Miners Haven (its not going to be a clone of it but the same type of tycoon). You will get paid a total of 15k ROBUX (among others) and then another 10k down the road (again split between devs).


    Scripters- Basically scripting it all like the shop, tycoon, guis, and etc.

    Builders- Basically building everything like the map, the tycoon, and etc.

    Funders- Me and one other has already signed on for this role, we basically fund it all, the thumbnails, ads, and etc.- Role Filled!

    The group link:

    Msg me or join the group or post on here if you're interested and for more details.

  • I joined the group and posted my application on the wall.

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