Experimental Mode On and Off

  • Hello, and thank you for taking your time to read this! My name is TheeDeathCaster, and today I am going to be talking about a problem with players first beginning to use Experimental Mode: server scripts, and client scripts. When first scripting, you begin to expand upon using different advantages and tricks with both sides, such as creating a chat GUI, admin commands, team-joining, spawns, etc. However, along the way when turning off Experimental Mode, there's problems that arise with players. Without further-a-do, lets get started!

    Using Scripts with Experimental Mode on
    When using scripts with Experimental Mode on, you'll notice that your scripts are able to work with client sided scripts, and regular server scripts. This kinda helps eases you into the beginning of scripting any way you like. However, later on with EM off, this isn't possible anymore. I see quite a few users get confused because of this transition, especially when they want to make their game safer for all players.

    The Problem with Experimental Mode on
    Because, by default, Experimental Mode is on, players transition into the older way when before even Filtering Enabled was a thing. This causes a lot of problems later on when players can't figure out why their scripts aren't working, and they want their scripts to work specifically with the server, for examples to switch teams, or when they can't figure out why their server scripts can't handle client configurations like they used to. You'll have to go through a bit of a mess to find out how to get your scripts to work with EM off. Even so, because of the transition, players are turned off and shun EM because their scripts aren't working with the new change, even though it makes their game safer.

    Using Scripts with EM off
    When turning EM off, if you're not familiar, it prevents a hacker from doing whatever he or she pleases. It also makes your games a lot safer, and allows you to do a lot more than you would ever imagine being able to do! :D

    The Problem with EM off
    Even though this prevents hackers from doing whatever they want, when you're the game owner, you're faced with this too, which turns off quite a few people from using this. It isn't too big of an obstacle when you starting working on it, but for some who're older or are just starting with this whole new thing, it becomes more discourage-able to some, because you're not given as much freedom as you once had when you had EM on.

    Lets talk about the Pros and Cons of having EM on and off.

    Pros with having EM on
    You're given a lot more freedom to do whatever you want, like using server scripts to handle client sided stuff. This's super lax and easy on a beginner to the scripting world.

    Cons with having EM on
    Just like how you're giving freedom, so does the hacker. The hacker's able to start messing up your game however they like whether you like it or not. They'll even be able to:

    • Mess with the Lighting service, such as the time, ambience, fog, etc.
    • Kill other players.
    • Send random messages to other players.
    • Delete the game's map! :O
    • Do whatever they like and want.

    Now, lets talk about the Pros and Cons when EM is off.

    Pros with having EM off
    The hacker isn't able to have as much fun as they used to, and they can't do whatever they please anymore. A bonus is when they do execute their scripts, it'll only affect them. :)

    Cons with having EM off
    You're subjected to this too, which is where people get turned off from EM being off. And just like mentioned in the pros, this can be considered a con too: Hackers are still able to executes their scripts, it's just they're not able to affect other players with their scripts anymore. You're given less freedom than you were when having EM on, but that's the price for a safer game.

    Even with the trouble that comes with EM being off, it's still a good idea to use it, because remember, even though you're restricted, the hackers are more restricted than you are. Plus, you're given a lot more possibilities than with EM on, such as having a blurr effect when someone goes into a menu you created, or a specific part to appear for a specific player, to, for example, give them gold! :o There's endless possibilities with EM being off than it being on! :D

    I hope this helped encourage anyone to transition over the the new system, and help their game become safer for other players, and for the game owner too. :smiley:

    If you need a place to get started, I recommend checking out this page first to get a better idea about what EM is about. I also recommend checking out this page when you feel you're ready to begin making your game as safe as can be, and have it become the best game ever! :smile:

    I hope this helped you, and thank you for reading this. Have a nice day. :)

  • Good tutorial. Some newbies get confused when they see the wiki article about FE, and this explains about it without confusing! Good job.

    Just as an idea, you could on another tutorial explain how FE works more technically, show examples of code and how to mess around it.

  • Tyvm! ^^
    I'm considering doing another tutorial around that, but I'm not sure where to start. I want to be able to have it so that it's easy to follow, but not bombard them with info at the same time. Any tips?

  • You could first start saying how FE works more technically, for example, giving this image:

    alt text

    Later, you could explain that anyway the client will need to comunicate the server, for example for a shop script. And how to enable FE.
    Then you could introduce RemoteEvents, how to implement them into a code and so on. And later, RemoteFunctions.

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