Post new discoveries with building, scripting, ect. here!

  • I was inspired to make this because I'm learning new stuff all the time!

    So something I learned a few minutes ago was that even if an image for a gui has an opacity of 100%, the color of that opacity still matters. The object will have an outline around it in the gui, so if the image's background is 100% opaque but shown as blue in the color selector when using an eyedropper tool on it, it will still have a blue outline, even though the original image doesn't show any blue.

    Anything new others have learned that they can share with everyone?

  • If you make a part have the material "Glass" and you change the transparency to 0.5 (For example) and you place another part with a surfacegui and then an imagelabel and you try to see the imagelabel through the glass, you won't see it.

    I know, It's confusing xD

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