Text-based UI demo thingy

  • I kinda started making a text based UI, kinda like MSDOS, but kinda lost motivation.
    I was going to leave it uncopylocked, but I discovered I don't think I can anymore.
    It worked in Studio, so I hope it works in game.
    Let me know your thoughts.
    Fixed link
    Figured out how to uncopylock it, so if anyone wants to expand on it, or use something from it for a different project, go ahead. Although I'm not sure what real world value it would have...

  • We can't play that, it just goes to out Develop Page, provide the correct game link please.

  • Your link doesn't work, you provided a wrong link! Provide the game link.

  • Whatever, I'm an idiot.
    Maybe that'll work better.
    I should learn to check what I'm saying before I hit send.

  • Lol
    Don't worry

  • I started the game and nothing poped up. I just saw an empty baseplate with a sword. My character didn't loaded at all.

  • @Aimarekin -.- I'll try to fix it.

  • Okay, should work now 😓
    I don't really want to go in game to test it right now, I'm on mobile data....
    Honestly NOT just trying to get more place visits...

  • Lol

    Ill try when I can

  • This is why I miss Lua Learners + Roblox scripting forums, because at least you could always get some kind of feedback.

  • @protectiveebob
    Sorry, I completely forgot this thread!

    I tried it out, It's nice.
    But I think nobody would really care about it, 8-aged kids wouldn't care about this. Lol. Anyways, this could be nice if you add it to a horror game, change the background to black. It would be cool, for example, a game where you must escape and you must escape through the main computer, that you should control with commands, alike "opendoor 1"

  • Ah, interesting idea, thanks. I do have one problem with it. I either have to delete lines of text as my gui fills up, or learn how to make a scrolling frame scroll infinitely.

    It definitely wasn't meant to be geared towards 5 y/o s. Maybe it's time for me to move on from Roblox, idk.

  • asdfg.

    I have nothing better to say.

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