Game Ideas

  • I need some good game ideas. They must be:

    • Not already in use, or very low key.
    • Not absolutely cancerous. i.e "Drink Bleach Simulator"
    • Not extremely hard to make, something simple. i.e not Phantom Forces, Bloxburg etc
    • Actually be fun.
    • Profitable

    I hope you can come up with a good idea. Thanks for your time .

  • If I would have a good idea right now, I would keep it to myself so that nobody steals my idea xD

  • Okay. I'm feeling creative, and don't think I would be able to do this myself.

    • A puzzle game based on light.
      • By placing point lights on a map you can activate different game objectives that combine like a puzzle to open the next stage (puzzle as in portal puzzle).
      • Light can be spread using things like cables (fibre optics!) to different points to make it even more complicated.
      • Based on the inverse square law of light.
      • The sales pitch: you have different colors and particle emitters of light.
    • A tycoon-like game based on mechanics.
      • The movement of money objects are not prescripted but must be moved through different locations with different actuators: conveyor belts, pistons, wacky sticks.
      • The sales pitch: unlock different unique actuators with some paid promotion. The puzzles don't require them but you can use them.
    • A rocket-jumping game.
      • Look at rocket-jumping in Quake and TF2. If that can be implemented in ROBLOX (not including the gear because that's not ideal) I think that in itself would be a hit.

  • @kools awww man I loved quake

  • @kools Thank you for your input, I will get back to you if I ever follow through with this.

  • @Aimarekin Ideas are cheap. No one wants to steal someone else's idea. Most people have their own ideas, or can come up with an idea fairly easily.

    That's not to say your idea is bad. I think nearly any game idea can become a great game with the proper development.

  • @OldPalHappy
    Yes, every idea can be good with game development.

    But if you don't tell your idea in public, nobody will make the same game until you publish it. And you will be the ORIGINAL.

    Anyways, yeah. Ideas are cheap.

    Well, it depends. I can create some cheap ideas real quick, take a peek:

    Jump Simulator
    Play Game Simulator
    Click Simulator
    Human Simulator
    Typing Simulator
    Reset Character

    Like em? No, right?
    Because they're cheap.

  • @Ki_ngPhantom I think posting game ideas will generally go un-noticed because everyone has their own ideas, but there could be some interesting game mechanics that could be incorporated into games that I'd like to see more often.

    Game Mechanics I'd Like to See

    • Gravity
      I haven't seen many games incorporate gravity into their game. Stuff like simulated gravity switching or the increase or decrease of gravity to change how obstacles operate. One reason you might not see this often is because it can be hard to pull off, but it's certainly possible.

    • Telling a story
      This isn't really a game mechanic, but I love games that tell the player something. I'm not saying I only want to see story games released, but even games that aren't meant to be story games can tell a story in the gameplay.

    • Player Interaction
      Most games are multiplayer, and in some games you can role play with others, but there aren't that many games that really let you directly interact with players through the game. This could be things like trading, playing mini-games, or challenging each other. Even indirect player interaction. Maybe where you leave a note for the next player to come by the same path you went. Player interaction can be very important.

    • Puzzles
      I'm a sucker for puzzles. I love them. I understand they're not for everyone, though, but at least making simple puzzles that everyone can solve given the time, and maybe some optional, more advanced puzzles here and there, would be very awesome. The satisfaction you receive when you complete a puzzle or mental obstacle is awesome.
      It's also important to realize that a puzzle doesn't need to be "push these boxes to the correct platform," or the things you first think of when you hear the word "puzzle." It can reach far out into multiple areas.

    • Characters
      This isn't technically a game mechanic, but it could be made into one under some circumstances. But even if characters don't talk, even if your game isn't a story game, having characters adds personality to the game. I also like reading, but I know that's not for everyone.

    • Emotional Music
      (are any of these actually mechanics at this point?) In the right circumstances, music can invoke us to cry, laugh, or punch our keyboard. Any emotion you can get the player to feel instead of "meh" is a good emotion, I think. If you can get them to get mad or rage, it often means that the player is actually invested enough in the game to care, and want to succeed. Music can invoke these sort of emotions. And I think practically every genre of game can use music at some point in the game to try to invoke emotions from the player.

    I won't go on forever. Those are just some things I thought of that I'd like to see more in games. I think it relates to this topic, even if it's not directly the answer you wanted, because a game can be focused entirely around a single game mechanic. I just gave a less specific answer, pretty much.


  • @Aimarekin I say they're cheap because almost everyone has their own ideas. It's hard to get invested into someone's idea unless it's yours. The most hearing an idea often does, if anything, is inspire the person listening to think of their own ideas, possible similar, possibly not.

  • @OldPalHappy

    I thought you mean ideas were easy to make. Got the wrong idea.

  • @Aimarekin They can be, but not all the time. Once you have an idea of a game you want to make, however, it takes more planning. But it all stems from an idea.

    Sometimes ideas just come to you naturally, sometimes it takes consideration about exactly what you want to make, and the need to sort through multiple ideas until you find one you like.

  • How about a dating simulator? Of course you would call it Befriending simulator were you would friend npcs in game but in a dating sim format. I think it would work well cause there really isn't anything like that on roblox. It would be a nice game idea. If you were to have a meter of love like in a dating simulator make the hearts thumbs up and call it the friendship meter.

    I wish I could copyright this idea but I cant and if I could I would not. This idea is for the public.

  • @CookiethBoy

    Let me predict the future....


    Our content monitors have determined that your behavior at ROBLOX has been in violation of our Terms Of Service.

    If ROBLOX doesn't allow Online Dating, I think they won't allow that...

  • @Aimarekin The game's description sounds like the game wouldn't violate any of ROBLOX's Terms of Service.

  • @OldPalHappy

    I am not in the mood to look at the ToS right now (Too lazy), but if you try to "hide" and use "synonyms" for the words "Girlfriend" "Date" and so on, the game would maybe be accepted by mods. Otherwise, if you say "Daniel and Marie share a tender kiss... He can feel how satisfiying it is to... etc." it probably wouldn't be allowed...

  • @Aimarekin

    I think it depends about how you explain the content....

  • I'm already working on my good game idea so you can have my crappy one:

    Each player is given a house depending on how much work you want to put in could be customizable by the player or everyone has the same house be default and have to by bigger/ harder to break in "basses" to get through doors players must have to complete a simple GUI puzzle game difficulty is based on level of door/house(whatever you want).

    Players can purchase in-game points or earn it from breaking into other players "basses" and stealing gold.

    Objectives of the game steal other players items prevent your base from being broken into.

    You could change the scale to make it easier or harder.

    --- whatever I just wrote probably makes 0 sense message me if you're interested.

  • @TheGreatSailor


    Yeah, seems crap.

  • Maybe something like "The very organized thief"? I know it's an old game, but you could remake it :)

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