aloopi - Another Lua OOP Implementation

  • Hey everybody,

    I made this library after playing around in Python for like 3 minutes (the reason why I can't learn another programming language).

    It hasn't gone through much testing so please let me know of any issues.

  • Hey this is really cool just looking at the docs! I think my favorite feature you have here is static typing for dictionaries (I'm not sure I've seen that before in lua user libraries). I sometimes frequent the LOVE2D forums (a lua game engine) and I think they would love this too over there (consider posting, I did a quick search and didn't see aloopi).

    Notably whenever I need object-oriented-ness I use 30log (github). Also on the LOVE2D wiki is Middleclass (github). I only have time in the day to check out the forums rather than playing with all of these cool creations in-depth, but I'll give you a bookmark in my browser!

    Keep up the good work! Wait, what does this have to do with python?

  • @kools
    Thanks, I'm glad you like it! Right now, I want to introduce this library to a smaller audience so I can get feedback and work on fixing bugs and adding features. However, once I develop this library further and optimize it, I'll be sure to share it on the LOVE2D forums (first impressions are important).

    Also, I brought up Python because I've based parts of the syntax on how you would write type annotations in that language.

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