Projects left behind!

  • Sure you sometime came up with a WONDERFULL IDEA that would get to the front page and would even beat Jailbreak! IT WAS THE BEST IDEA YOU EVER HAD!

    So, you began working and you started to think maybe it wasn't the best idea in the world.

    Maybe it wasn't that cool...
    It would probably end up like one of the millions of cheap copies of MM2, who were directly taken from the Toolbox.

    And, bit by bit, you started to leave it behind. It ended up in the bottom of your ROBLOX Studio's Homepage.

    Maybe you deleted it, maybe not.

    So, tell me about a project you left me behind (I don't care if you thought it would be the best or not)!
    How much time did you spent on it?
    What was it?

  • I will tell mine:

    My wonderfull idea was a game where you had to pickpocket people.

    Lots of NPCs spawned around a map (A city) and you must pickpocket by staying behind them pressing E.

    But then I thought...
    What is the main objective?
    What can you get by pickpocketing?
    But what do you get with that money?
    My mind was empty.
    What can the player do with that money?
    Purchase better ways to pickpocket?
    Well, I've never seen a shop selling ways to pickpocket for money.
    Get a better house?
    Nope, that is not related. Anyway, if so, how would that help pro players to earn more money when they pickpocket? They would earn as same as noobs.

    And I started to see even more empty holes.
    And more.
    And more.

    I finally found no way to make the game have logic, so I left it behind. Take the idea if you want, it's pointless for me.

  • The second real project I ever worked on was Interactive Survival. It was a game I worked on in early 2016 after just finishing my first game, ROBLOX Game Trivia.

    The game was set to be a RPG story game, involving zombies. It actually turned out pretty well, but I never finished it.

    Now, I'm much much better at finishing things I start, I think.

  • @OldPalHappy
    I never finished any of the games I made with Scratch when I was starting to program (I was 8 or 9 for so xD)

  • @Aimarekin I wish I started to program around that age. I started at late 15, I think.

  • @OldPalHappy

    Lemme recreate the scene of when I started with Scratch.

    • Now WHAT, leave me alone
    • You said 5 minutes ago you wanted to be a firefighter.

    And I opened Scratch.

  • My computer/profile page are both full of things that match your description.

    One of my first: when Roblox first came out with that guitar gear thing, I spent 10 minutes making a map that would utilize said gear.

    I spent hours making a 2d camera/char control system, trying to make a Mario rip off, actually turned out pretty well, I just found out I don't have enough creativity to make maps and such.

    Movie animator, using GUI frame objects as pixels. Got it to work, couldn't figure out how to get that much data to save/load, so I gave up on it.

    Ro-ped racing game, I haven't actually given up on it, I just haven't worked on it forever, other things kinda just took it's place.

    Grounders game. Problem I ran into with it is that it was impossible for me to debug without like 5 people in game, and who has that many friends, right? Right?

    Need I go on?

  • @protectiveebob
    Everybody has as least 1 abandoned project.


  • I tried to make my own version of one of CrazyMan32's games that is no longer on his creations list. It had a top-down look of an island and you could place on a grid a series of buildings that functioned like a tycoon.

    My idea was to take it even further and to utilize random smooth terrain generation and make the game as in-depth as Cities Skylines. Each building would contribute to some population statistic such as air-quality, economy, etc. Players would log in to check on their cities -- sounded like a good game for me.

    My problem was finding the upper bound of Smooth Terrain on a voxel grid. I could never figure out how to eliminate clipping, and with that my inspiration was spent. I still have a bunch of code on my hard drive left over from my attempts. It taught me a lot about using smooth terrain anyway.

  • Mine is an army game I some desert (I didn't get into story). Here's the link to it:

    I gave up on it because. of some technical difficulties with the guns.

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