I stumbled upon this reddit post today in /r/roblox while doing homework. This is by far one of the most impressive ROBLOX projects involving work outside of ROBLOX studio. I'm considering donating to help with server costs, and you should too. I'll give a TL;DR of the post and the site.

They archived all of the ROBLOX Forum posts that are now inaccessible. Really. Posts from early years such as 2008 and prior are even visible. The developers of the site set up a lot of storage to catalog posts and they have downloads available to get the raw dump too (which is so cool! the amount of data to use is staggering!).

Why should you care? If not for the significant implications of using the data to find useful answers to SH questions, to learn about the roblox community in over 500GB of text (I think that's what I read) whether manually or with a machine, then at least you should care because it means you can look at the posts of now prestigious characters (such as myself /s) and see the childish internet banter that we first began posting to the forums with.

If you search my name, my first few posts are roleplaying and script requests. For example --

Ok I am putting coins in my game and once you collect them you get a point and it vanishes until the next round each round is 1 minute (including lobby time)But the problem is I dont want the coins to be in the same spot...also if it randoms around I am afraid either it will go and something toohigh our go off the map.PLEASE HELP

If you search crazyman32 (he has always been my idol) you can see posts such as.

I have a problem. im cinda new at roblox and i was wondering why the free models always regen in a different spot than u put them in. If u know how to fix this then plz tell me. thanks!

In my opinion, one of the game creators with the most prolific set of hit-games in nostalgia-roblox? lando64000

Why is it that whenever i load a morph and put it in my place then go and play it in a real server it wont work. For instance, i loaded a turtle from free models and it works when you go to test mode with it but, when i upload my place to roblox and play it....it wont morph??? Its like that with all the morphs i download. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!

And so much more. But this project is more than looking through the dirty forum record of myself, or famous people that you know, it's a source of data that I think is worth protecting!

EDIT: Sorry just realized I never provided the direct link! Here it is archive.froast.io
2nd EDIT: I thought it would be worth mentioning while switching away from the forum tab that I don't view those old posts as representations of who we are at all. I say this because there were a lot of reddit comments about people's fears about their old attacks, tantrums, and how they wished to bury that in the past (the search feature of the forum originally buried it). I think it's fun to see that everyone, even serious developers, were children (including me, maybe the majority of my forum posts are immature) once upon a time and we've grown up. There shouldn't be any shame. :smile: