The Squire (EARLY ACCESS!)

  • So, I was fooling around on ROBLOX, when I came up with this awesome new Medieval-Fighting game. I already have plans on a story and everything. It is not the FULL, REAL GAME. It is only a Beta Test. Right now, I am working on smiting bugs down, but may take a while because I made this game by myself (Indie). Try it out here at

    It does not yet have a thumbnail or icon or anything, but I will get to it!

    Thank you for testing this, it took me 3 weeks just to make the small amount that is offered right now.

  • I think, in the future a map from scratch would be good. Also, another suggestion is to set up a script that takes the players clothing and replaces it with something that fits in with the game. Also, taking the characters hair and hats would be good too.

    Those are just suggestions, although i don't think this is ready for beta, you can't even play the game yet. I think alpha would be a better title for it. Until you can get weapons, battle, and all that, leave it in alpha (Just a suggestion)

  • I like this part asdasd

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