Spawn inside a brick!?

  • As the title suggests, I'm looking for assistance in creating a spawn within another brick.
    For instance, in this project i'm currently focused on, i have a transparent brick expanded across the entire map/building.
    This transparent and Non-CanCollide brick holds some rather significant scripts for gameplay, thus removing it from the equation in general is not an option.
    ***The issue at hand..
    There's a normal spawn brick underneath a floor, but because this huge transparent brick is covering the entire map, when one spawns it is not in the desired location within the building, rather just falling from high in the sky onto the roof of the building. So, how might i go about allowing one to spawn within this transparent brick?

  • you can use multiple invisible bricks, and select them at random when spawning.

  • Character.CFrame= Spawn.CFrame +,3,0) --?
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