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  • Brick & Mortar is a future development team that is dedicated to quality. The team is looking for talented and hardworking individuals that fit into the team culture and can thoroughly support the team. If you're interested, message me on the Brick & Mortar Discord server. If you just want to keep tabs, you can join our Roblox group.

    Q: I am interested but I am not sure if there is a spot for me?
    A: We are looking strictly for scripters and mesh creators. I can pretty much cover every aspect of the game except scripting. In the future, we will require builders in the future and if you do build we can add you to the waitlist. Developers on the waitlist all must pass the interview-

    A: Like I said before, joining the team means you have to be top-notch and dedicated to quality. Being dedicated to quality is the only thing separating you from other people. The first part of the scripting interview will require you to join me on a Code Share interview so I can assess how well you script. The second part of the interview requires you to join a game of your choice with me so I can assess your soft skills.

    Q: So...what if I fail the interview?
    A: Well then, tough luck. You do have a second chance though. And actually, you also have a third. If you truly believe that you are up for the challenge, then you shouldn't have to worry about failing the interview.

    Q: Now, what if I were to pass the interview?
    A: Great! You are now apart of the Brick & Mortar team! You will be assigned to a developer role. Though, from the past interviews, everyone has failed. If you pass, it's quite an achievement.

    Q: What are my responsibilities?
    A: It is your responsibility to be accessible and finish projects on their deadlines. It's quite simple.

    Q: What will I get in return?
    A: My cat...just kidding. Of course, robux and fame! The amount of robux you get depends on the game revenue and how much you work. For instance, you could've done absolutely nothing but the game makes 1,000R$ a day. You would get absolutely nothing. If you do 100% of the work and the game makes 10R$ a day, you're getting 10R$ a day.

    Q: What game will I be working on?
    A: B&M does not have a game planned right now. We are holding off starting a game until we have a team assembled.

    Hope to see you on the team,

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