Hello everyone. My real name is Zachary, I am 16 years old and am having major life issues. I hope I can become something on Roblox and make it the start to a large career in game development. But I am very new to scripting and all the perspectives of game making. I am looking for specialists in these roles:

Scripter: My main aids in game development.
Animator: Responsible for any animations the game may need.
Designer: Thumbnail maker, group item maker, prop making.

An animator and designer are not too big of a deal at the moment. I do however, REALLY need a SKILLED scripter to help me get started. I am willing to pay 1000 robux up front to any scripter you can prove skillful enough for the game I have in mind. Another 5000 will be paid if my game is finished. And if the scripter decides to stay in the crew I am forming, weekly payments of a debatable amount will be issued via group. If you want to go into the Animator or Designer branch, please just stay on hold until I can get a scripter on board. Obtaining a scripter is VITAL for the first part. Things will be gritty and rough at first, but if we can grow and make more and more games, it will all smoothen out. So, does anyone want to aid me on this adventure? Please contact me if you do. We can discuss everything in much more detail once I have someone.