Why Scripting Helpers sucks...

  • First of all, we have noobs who think they can ask for a script and get it for free pl0x. There's a reason why it's "Scripting Helpers" and not "Make me free script kthx".

    Second, there are kids who don't appreciate mine and other's efforts. No kid has accepted my answer even when it was valid and they even sometimes would say it works. I know other people in the community are complaining about the same things, something needs to change.

  • true story lol

    At least the forum is great for now.


  • jinx what lol

  • I feel like I need to, sorry...

    mEik me ehcript dat spwmn zmbiez.

    hi can u maik meh a ehcriptzh dat spwn zombiz for a zurvival game,!? my geim will be butter better than jailbreuk and iwill hav moar robuxx than u. thanks,

    Text without typos, so that you can understand lmao

    Make me a script that spawns zombies.

    Hi can you make me a script that spawns zombies for a survival game? My game will be better than jailbreak and I will have more robux than you. Thanks.

  • I worked around inspect element... Here, take a look.


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