Scripting Challenge?

  • I feel up for a challenge. Anyone got any?

  • Try this...

    You are gonna attempt to make a game function, not the game. Try making an intermission script, with game rounds. These game rounds are domination. You gotta make 4 capture points, but make so one team automatically gets all the capture points, they have to defend them, while the other team has to capture all of them to win.

    TeamA: Capture All Four Capture Points To Win The Game.
    TeamB: Defend All Four Capture Points For A limited Amount Of Time To Win The Game.

    Once the game timer runs out, or TeamA captures all points, end the game, respawn all players to a lobby, and begin intermission. Once intermission ends, the same game mode, Domination, will repeat and the teams will be automatically balanced. The game will repeat like this.

    There try that..lmao. Heck, if you do end up making this, I will buy it off you for 500 robux ;)

  • @hawkeye1940 game function, not the game Ehhhhhhhhhhhhh wouldn't that include adding into the script to generate the spawns, lobby, etc? (Not pre-made)

    Btw, I misread before, and I lost interest out of boredom. :P

  • I've got one...

    Challenge: Create a script that can tell which state a user is running there client from in a game.

    I haven't attempted to code anything like this before, though my guess is you'd have to first get one time zone there in, then take the ping between client and server and use that to narrow the region down to a state. Now I know this would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, to do with smaller states such as Rhode Island, so you may have to pack a group of states into one region.

  • Nty; that seems... Creepy.

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