Game's Max Player Limit Help

  • So, in a game's configuration, the max players is 50. But on the front page, if you look at Meep City's max players, it is 120!!!!! Can someone please tell me how in this whole wide world that is possible???? Is it like a privilege you buy with robux? Or something else, please help! I have a game ready to launch, but it needs more players, like at least 70 :(

  • I believe it was because MeepCity was created before the removal of MEGA places, as i've read from the Roblox wikia

  • I read up on it.... So basically it is impossible for any of us to do that now :(((((( okay

  • Users with OBC can create games with player limits of up to 200.

  • @SebbyTheGODKid Really?!?!?! How! I have an alternate account with OBC so I have builder's club... what do I do to increase the max player limit more than 50?

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