Hiring a scripter!

  • Hi!
    I am looking for a scripter to help me with my sandbox tycoon. I will pay 500R$ or more when you deserve it. I'm a scripter too, but I have too many projects + school going on right now. That's why I'm looking for a new one. I can pay through group funds, so you don't need to have builders club.

    You may always react down here, or contact me on Discord: Jonas#720.
    You will have to proof yourself before I allow you in the team create.
    The questions I will ask you:
    1° How many experience have you got? (In years)
    2° What projects are you currently working on?
    3° Send screenshots / game links of some projects.
    More questions may be asked.

    Thank you for your application!

  • Hey um a scripter..i am also in the scripting helper's top users.You can hire me.I can script very well..but i am not like perfect perfect. My user name is Danielp533

  • Hit me up pops.

  • not gonna be rude but if its a big tycoon then i thing 500R$ is not that much

  • @Awesomesauce196

    That payment would be as for a basic scripter, not a nice one :v

    (true story)

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