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  • Have got any questions you can not answer yourself? Great! Post it here, but with a condition! YOU MUST answer the previous question! Let me explain:

    I start asking a question.
    Next user answers the question and asks another.
    And the next answers the question that the one before asked and asks another.
    And so on.

    Fancy participating?

    Let's begin.

    Question: What does RespectFilteringEnabled do at AudioService?

  • A: If true, RespectFilteringEnabled would use PlayLocalSound() whenever a client starts playing a sound.

    Q: What's the deal with lamp shades? If it's a lamp, why do you want shade?

  • @theCJarmy7 A: Probably enough light to read, but enough shade so that it doesn't light up the whole room. :P

    Q: How to eat a sandwich?

  • A: Get it into your mouth. PD: This is intended to be scripting questions xd

    Q: Does Replicated Storage replicate from clients to server with FE?

  • @Aimarekin A: No, that's the whole point of FE, to stop the client's stuff being replicated to the server.

    Q: FE on, or experimental off?

  • @theCJarmy7

    A: I sincerely prefer saying FE on, It's better understandable for me, but anyways both forms are correct.

    Q: Is there something that allows you to get a players ping, like a function or a property?

  • A - Remote functions and events
    Q - What's the best way for going about creating a 2D video? Do you upload all the individual frames or do you try to find patterns in the frames that pre-load them (create the images from scratch)?

    Sorry if my question seems specific, though even just having someone else's opinion on this would be nice.

  • A: ROBLOX does really suck at assets and you must upload thousands of images just to upload a freaking gif (And script the image changing, too). For making a 2D video, I'm afraid you will need to upload the video frame by frame, decal by decal and make a script that changes the decal to the next and preloads all of them too. Anyways, if you can, it is better if you use gui elements and make the video in-studio with tweens and so on as to not upload that much decals. Your choice.

    Q: How do I detect if a server is a VIP server?

  • A: game.VIPServerId wiki link

    Q: Why are there two wiki pages on events/RBXScriptConnections? Page 1 Page 2

  • I don't understand. The VIPServerId can help me identify if the server is VIP, but how?

  • @LateralLace A: One focuses more on the signal, one focuses more on the connection.

    @Aimarekin I'm not sure how the two strings differ, but you can just check what the non-VIP server string is, and then you would know what the VIP string can't be.

    Q: Which is better? game:GetService("Players") or game.Players?

  • A: Players does always exist when scripts are ran, so there is no need of using GetService. For more comfortability, I simply use game.Players , due to that using game:GetService("players") is pointless because the service always does exist. Instead, with other services like RunService, you must use GetService because it is possible that the service is not created yet.

    Q: This function creates VIP servers: . If you create a VIP server with tha, who is the owner of the server? nil?

    PD: I am amazed how well this topic is going :D

  • @Aimarekin I love how you say I am amazed how well this topic is going and then nobody replies for months.

    A: That function doesn't create VIP servers, it is mentioned in the wiki to be private or reserved, I don't believe it has anything to do with VIP servers.

    Q: What uses does FindService have? GetService does its job and creates the service if it doesn't exist.

  • @theCJarmy7 A: FindService simply looks for the service, similar to FindFirstChild will look for a specific child. In contrast, GetService, well, gets the service whether it's there or not. For example, if Teams isn't there and you call FindService for it, it'll return nil, but with GetService it'll get Teams.

    Q: Since IsInGroup, GetRankInGroup and GetRoleInGroup cache, what're the alternatives?

  • @TheAlphaStigma A: HttpService. You can find out more here and here.

    Q: Did AdService really play video ads in roblox games?

  • @theCJarmy7 A: Yes, but only for mobile devices if I recall correctly. It was quickly removed due to the hate it received, and the fact that developers would pack games with ads in order to make a quick buck

    Q: What is your favorite function/service in Roblox Lua that is either deprecated, removed or one that nobody uses?

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