So I recently came across a weird bug (will probably not get help with the script specifically until I give up) that deals with having a user click on a Text Button. Essentially, the GUI containing the text button represents an inventory of all tools that you made (stored securely even on death). When you click on a Text Button which denotes the tool name, it is transferred from your inventory to your player's backpack, where on death you lose all tools in your backpack. There's another script that ensures you can only have 10 tools in your backpack at a time. So, if your toolbar is filled with 10 tools, the tool should remain in the inventory and not transfer over to your backpack. The script does its job, kind of. The thing is if you click once, nothing happens which is good; you would notice that the number of tools in your inventory GUI stay the same. However, if you double click on the Text Button, the GUI disappears. Not only the GUI disappears, but also the tool itself.

In test mode, I don't see it in the inventory, nor in the backpack. It also follows the same way online. So, I'm guessing somehow the tool just disappeared in virtual thin air or something, or deleted itself. I am pretty sure I did not have a line that destroyed the tool. My quick fix attempt as of this post would be to disable the Screen Gui once the user clicks on the Text Button the first time, and continue from there. By doing this, the user would then have to enable it again by using the keyboard key press function. Feel free to share your thoughts on this.
Single click:
Double click:


Okay so the tools actually move to the backpack after I did some editing, and the scanning script that makes the Text Buttons only reads the first ten tools. However, I still don't get why double clicking moves the tool over versus a single click on the Text Button. Because I should expect that no matter how many times I click on the button/ how fast I click it when the toolbar is full, the number of items (in this case 5) should remain at 5 tools. Also, I am pretty sure I did not leave any double click property known to me of any sort enabled.