Hi! I'm looking for a free camera mover. What I mean by a "free camera mover" is a camera not attached to the player and can be moved Forwards, Left, Right, and Back using the WASD keys. I've been trying to make one but can't figure out how to.

If you're still kinda confused, for example the camera in Build Mode in the game Welcome To Bloxburg and a little like the camera in studio.

I don't have much robux to pay someone if needed, but i think it's simple enough to be made for free. You can be credited in the games description if so needed, feel free to ask for credit if you got the job I want you to do done.

The game's called "Evolution". It's a space simulator/tycoon (not really a tycoon though) where you can make your own planets and solar system. It's in alpha so when playing it, please remember that. I'm a new developer, so my scripting skills aren't the best yet but I work hard on the game so please if you like it, like and and favorite it if you really like it! Link: Evolution Alpha 🌎