How to become a more professional programmer

  • gullible kids

  • Just let people code the way they want lol

  • @incapaz To each their own. :P These would be used depended on what situation they're required/needed for.

  • Pray tell, how would I convert this to be more "professional" and have the same functionality?

    for i,v in pairs(script.Parent:GetChildren()) do
        if v:IsA("TextButton") then
    	v.MouseButton1Click:connect(function() --lower case 'c,' fight me

    Besides the lowercase c on connect.

  • @theCJarmy7 punch

  • @theCJarmy7

    as i have said, end with ) inside of ends without ) is unprofessional. at least do that. use :Wait() instead of obnoxious connect and our good non deprecated Connect

  • @incapaz but if I use wait, they can only be clicked in a specific order, only once per button, and that's not the same behavior at all. How would I make it have the same functionality, as wait does exactly what you think, it waits, it doesn't connect the event, which is what I'm trying to do.

    So, in essence, my question is:
    How would I use v.something:Connect(function() print(v.Name) end) inside of an if statement and still follow your ideas of what makes something "professional?"

  • @theCJarmy7

    You're wrong. You just do the code

    -- Code written prior to the event being called to wait

    In the Roblox wiki, while reading on remote functions and events, I found this code.

    local function onCreatePopupRequested()
    	local screen ="ScreenGui")
    	screen.Parent = playerGui
    	local closeButton ="TextButton")
    	closeButton.Text = "Welcome to the game! Click me to play!"
    	closeButton.Size =, 300, 0, 50)
    	closeButton.Parent = screen
    	closeButton.MouseButton1Click:Wait() -- Look what I found!!
    	closeButton.Visible = false
        -- No end) !!!
    createPopupRequest.OnClientInvoke = onCreatePopupRequested

  • This isn't good. This is bad.

  • Think same as most. Why is that unprofesional code? In fact, some of your "unprofesional" codes are actually functional and usefull. They don't cause lag or any kind of delays or less security, if so, why they're not profesional?

    Like what @theCJarmy7 said, as an example.

    I don't understand your post and I see it more as a way to criticise people's ways to code because they are not same as yours. Sorry, but this my point of view.

  • PS: I do :connect with lowercase 'c', too. Problem?

  • its not like people playing the game will look at the script and see a lowercase 'c' in connect

  • @Aimarekin

    connect is deprecated
    get it through your nonexistent brain

  • @incapaz

    Could you please keep the conversation without rude words? ty!

    And, anyways, ik it's deprecated, but i learnt it that way and I'm not gonna change it.
    That is because I have seen no notice about "Don't use :connect , it will be discontinued" so, problem?

  • @Aimarekin wake up it's 2018

  • @incapaz

    wake up it is functional

  • @Aimarekin Just freaking put a capital C dam!! Why use the old deprecated no longer supported connect when there's supported Connect?

  • Connect versus connect is a silly debate. I've worked as a "professional" programmer before outside of Roblox and from my experience, petty spelling is often not what distinguishes a good programmer from a poor one. The change to the capitalization is pretty new and will take some time to be phased out. It takes a lot of time to move from deprecating a piece of code to completely removing it. We still have some time.

  • @incapaz

    The funny thing is that it is supported xd

    @kools I agree with you.

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