Looking for 2-3 Testers for my Game

  • Announcement: I am no longer accepting any term testers at this moment. You will have to wait until the game is released.


    I am developing a game and it is in its alpha stages. It's a remaster of an old survival game where you craft items, fight mobs, and eat and drink to survive. If you played any Roblox games starting with the word "Survival," then you may be familiar with several game mechanics. So far, I have added many features and have done some bug fixing. Moreover, I am looking for testers who are somewhat knowledgeable about scripting, with any amount of experience.

    As a tester, your task is to play the game, find ways to break the game, and return some information back after you have finished testing. Perks include special in-game access, as the game is friends-only, and credit as a tester, where your name will be shown as a "Recent Tester" in the introduction menu of the game (which may also permanently include your name within a list in the game file). If you decide to test, and have completed the testing, there are several pieces of information to take down: what you liked about the game, what you didn't like, what you think should be improved, bugs/ glitches, game errors/ warnings, and suggestions or other thoughts, if you have any. There's no specific format, but the effort put in will help determine giving credit. This is a first-come first-served request. To get into the game, add me as a friend to get access but let me know prior by direct messaging me on SH or posting below. If you decide you no longer want access you can remove me as a friend.

    Finally, I would like to say that the max players per server is 2, so if two testers play at the same time, that would be a plus.


    The following are mentioned by my testers that are important points and notes:
    -Suggest using a different key or not activating swim mode by pressing R, because it conflicts with part rotation
    -you can eat/gather far away
    ~animals get shoved into the ground or actively use the seat when a seat is placed or dragged onto them


    ~you can eat/gather far away
    ~there is a freeze sometimes if you move an item
    ~try to reduce the amount of server scripts used in the game
    ~Humanoid error may happen when in water, allows user to not drown

  • i could help test if you want. are there any requirements?

  • Hey,

    Thanks for stopping by. The only requirements are to stay in the game for a at least 6 minutes (though you can stay for anytime longer if you would like or if it helps to write your report) due to my storm/ weather feature, try out all the other features and controls available to you, and finally report in with the information that I requested in my forum post above. I will send you a friend request to offer you access so you can play the game. If you have any other questions let me know.

  • oops i thought that was just another spam friend request.

  • Hi there! It would be nice to try your game :P

    I play on Mac (My PC is broken xD) so I will can test computer version. I also can script, so I can give out a little help.

    Give me a touch!

  • Hi,

    Thanks for stopping by. Yup, just accept my friend request to get access. You can unfriend any time if you want after you're finished. I am not currently looking for scripters cause I do not have robux to pay, however feel free to give advice and make suggestions on anything based on your experience. In case I ever need a scripter I will contact you.

  • @Houlardy642

    Just accepted. Tell me any info or game link :P

  • here
    This is what the icon looks like:
    alt text

    Oh and there happens to be another game with the same name, but it deals with zombies and stuff if you try to search for it.

    Update: First of all, I would like to announce that we have another tester who has been added to our roster: theCJarmy7. Second of all, I recently wanted to clear up confusion on the game mechanics by providing a written tutorial in-game, which gives you some of the recipes as well as information about how to craft a recipe. Please use this as this should help out with your testing experience. CJarmy7, your friend request should be sent after this posting to give you access.

    Update 4/19: For those of you who have begun testing, thanks; I plan to open the alpha release to the public hopefully later this year. There will be several changes to the game as well as bug fixes. Some such as the animal seat glitch may not be fixed by that time.

  • Id love to test

  • @EnlightenedDev Oh I forgot to update my first post to say that I am no longer accepting any term testers. I already have three signed up: Aimarekin, CJ, and Awesomesauce which are the only ones to also receive credit. Sorry. However you can test or play when the game becomes open, which should be middle-late May. Thanks for your interest though.

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