Looking for professional scripter! [Serious developers only]

  • My development group, Bullet Games, have already completed our first game, Castle Siege, and we are currently trying to look for new developers to join our team for our next game!

    The game will be FPS based, so it is recommended that you have knowledge in coding an array of projectile based weapons. FE knowledge is a must!

    Feel free to reply to this thread if your interested or PM me on Roblox, NinjoOnline, for a quicker response. Examples to your previous works are HIGHLY recommended if you want to be considered for the position!

    Bullet Games: https://www.roblox.com/My/Groups.aspx?gid=3598451

    You can expect upwards of 50,000R$ + game revenue as payment!

  • @NinjoOnline

    Hi! I just checked your game, building is nice!

    I have got experience in scripting, but not building. I can script whatever, I yet made some paid works!
    I haven't yet launched any games, I am more like a little boat getting carried away by the tide.
    I have lots of game projects, my problem is that I think of too many games, start developing them and leave them away with the time.

    I would like to work with you around, Castle Siege looks great and I would like to support in your next game!

    Here you have got an example of two things I made, a notification script and a moving tv menu for a cafe:


    (Have in count this is just an example and it is not my entire potential)

    Excited for a reply, Aimarekin!

    PS: Don't make me build, just script. I am horrible building.

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