Looking for a Small 3-5 Dev-team that will be paid for a game.

  • In my game, I will need one builder, one scripter, and two advertisers, you will all be paid based off of the work and activity you have around the game, no not with real currency, but with ROBUX. I have enough to have 500+ per person. If you are interested please apply here. If you are looking into being an advertiser, you will either have to fund the advertisements or use the salary I'm giving you to advertise.


    Builders: Builders will be paid off of each build they make, from furniture in the game to whole buildings
    Scripters: Scripters will be paid sort of like the Builders, accept it's for every script that you create.
    Advertisers: Advertisers will be paid for every advertisement you make, whether it's a video or picture.

    Sincerely, hoppyman360.

  • I replied, please check my application form. Username : SuperBeeperman

    Experience in scripting, helped with the level up system in zombie rush, map scripting in rollernauts, etc.

  • I applied hope i make it!

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