Looking for a scripter, will pay!

  • Hello, I am the owner of a group called "World Conquest" which is a role-play strategy game. I have been looking for a scripter, but to no avail have I found one that can do what I am about to ask for. I am willing to pay, but we'll have to negotiate and discuss the price - it depends on your level of work.


    This first one is my top priority. We need a working paintbrush tool where you can see the selection of the brick the user is hovering over (the line that displays the selected colour, connects from the brick selected to the hand and has a selection around the brick to show the user is hovering their cursor over that certain brick.) The tool needs to be filtering enabled so everyone on the server can see the painting. Another function it should have is the option to change the paint radius (so you can paint multiple studs at once.) Attached images should be what the tool could look like, and give an example of what I mean by selection. I'd also like a feature which shows who last painted the brick, which would be great.

    You can contact me on Discord: possumarun#0861

    I'd really appreciate if this could be done, thank you very much for reading!

    alt text

    alt text

  • How much can you pay for that?

  • @Phibunsongkhram Hey, im a master scripter. I have a whole channel teaching people how to script roblox games. And i continue to grow every day!
    So can i please get a role of scripter?

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