Made a whole system for attack commands.

  • I've been trying my hand at making something I've not seen in Roblox yet, which is a traditional 2D fighting game, and over the course of about 1 and a half months, I devised a whole system of inputs for the attacks in the game.

    As a whole, the attack system currently does checks for things like what direction the character is facing, whether they're crouching or jumping, or whether the player is inputting a diagonal input, which is what I'll be using for the special attacks since it'll overall be simpler for now. and also because I can't get quarter circle forward or dragon punch inputs working It only has two attack buttons, and currently all the placeholder specials are only mapped to Z in the most recent iteration of the code. I intend on expanding this further beyond just the directional inputs and attack buttons, since I want to refine what I have now and get it into a state where it's possible to take on another player in game.

  • Look what you made was cool an all, but it seems like you just made this forum post to re-post your question .I wouldn't mind if it were just that you showed your creation with the imgur of put this in collaboration requests looking for an assistant scripter, but you didn't. The forum isn't for re-posting questions, so edit this post so it works with how the forum is supposed to be used or delete it.
    Thanks :slight_smile:

  • Sorry about that. I made this post a bit late and didn't realize that I'm not allowed to repost questions here until I woke up. I'll edit that part of the post immediately.

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