The best way to make mid-air car physics

  • I'd like to have a discussion about car physics in mid-air, and tell my thoughts about it. Now, when you look at car games outside of Roblox, most cars move as a single body. Not talking about doors or others getting teared up, but talking about realistic physics when in mid-air. When car goes for a ramp, its nose starts to get down slowly as car loses altitude. In Roblox however, a basic car scripted using BodyVelocity easily flips out after a ramp. I want to fix it in my cars. My car's movement system basically is, speed * lookVector and car's enginepart owns the velocity. Now I have two ideas but would want to get other ideas and thoughts before trying them.

    1. Putting velocity to all parts, even wheels

    All parts are connected somehow, and even parts are sharing velocity of main part. But it flips out at a ramp. Would using BodyVelocity in every part fix it?

    1. Using BodyGyro for X and Z axis to slow angular velocity on those axis

    Would it look nice or unrealistic? Would it even work though?

    Do you have any other ideas or you know how to do that? Please share!

  • Honestly, I don't think anybody else is going to look at your game and be like "Wow these are unrealistic car physics." Is this just your OCD? After all, games like Jailbreak don't have proper car physics either...

  • @Zenith_Lord Just one sentence would be enough for you I think: Jailbreak isn't a race game ;)
    I am still expecting for ideas guys. Thanks for your answer Zenith, but not doing it is not enough for me :P

  • @superalp1111

    I honestly never worked with cars. I never used them.

  • Similar to @Aimarekin, I never really work with cars. Though I'm guessing the reason why your car is unable to sustain midair physics is that it weighs to much. You could try reducing the density of each part attached to the car, or even applying a BodyForce in the upwards direction to cancel out a bunch of the apparent weight.

  • @LateralLace

    I've got the answer!

    Just get a free model. if people say the physics suck, say that one of your devs inserted a free model, not you. Solved!

  • Looks like nobody did work with car physics but we still can brainstorm, right?

  • @LateralLace Tried what you said but it just doesn't work well. That makes car movements unpredictable. Even my car's Y MaxForce is higher than X and Z and it still falls.

    Edit: Here, you can try my car in this place:

    There are other physical problems too.

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