HEY GUYS! I need developers for my new roblox highschool game. I got images to show you our progress. If you think we are "fake" i have a whole channel teaching people how to develop games on roblox. Channel name: Bowser Films
Before you are invited, i will ask you for proof you are a game developer on my discord
discord: vuaWF3r
my patreon is:
Happy luck young developers. OH and if you want to know the roles, its here.
@Game Creator is the person who starts each project and gives developers their roles. He is the one who funded the games. He edits in every area; Buillding, Scripting, Gui Designing.The game creator is the guy in charge. @Scripter is a person who adds scripts to the game. These people cause makes the action! @Builder is a person who builds models for the game. Houses, objects, weapons, etc. @Gui Designer is a person who designs the screens / Gui's to the game. They make the scripting job easier because scripters should just add the script and now fool around with Gui's. @everyone if there is a role you think i missed. DONT BE AFRAID TO ASK!

0_1529177154024_proof one.PNG
0_1529177138032_proof 2.PNG
0_1529177121332_proof 3.PNG