idea for requesters

  • you guys should require users to have code blocks. basically they can’t post a question unless they have code block in it.
    there are many posts where scripts are not in code blocks and some don’t put code because they are requesting it.

    i know it can be bypassed but this would be a step in the right direction.

    and you should make spoon feeding requesters a violation of your TOS. scripting helpers is a HELP site, hence its name.

  • Code isn't required in all situations. For example, if one wants to know the difference between .Heartbeat and .RenderStepped, code doesn't need to be included to adequately ask the question.

    Quite often, code that is included in the question is lengthy and messy. Thus forcing users to include code could cause beginners to resort to pasting large amounts of work that may be irrelevant and probably not theirs (free models).

    I agree with the fact that many questions don't include code, or code that isn't in code block form. There does need to be stricter moderation for these violations. Though I don't think forcing people to include code is the right way to go about things.

  • Maybe I went too far about requiring users to have code. But I do agree that that they need more moderation on requests. There has to be something that it can detect if it is code to automatically format it in code blocks.

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