add a block button for this site

  • It will work like any block button. This user cannot see your comments, questions you ask, or anything. For privacy reasons, the blocked user cannot be notified of the block.

  • @incapaz

    SUPPORT 100%, I can't wait to block those users who are continously reposting topics! :/

  • i can block someone who keeps falsely modding my question as 'spam' or 'opinion based' when it’s not lol.

    and this guy also keeps harassing me so

  • @incapaz



  • @Aimarekin I referred to a guy whose user starts with an "f".

  • It is funny how you stated that. Instead of a "Block" Button, I suggest we add Answer Moderation, which essentially allows us to discard the pointless answers. I have encountered many and I can safely say that it isn't just me who cringes when reading them.

  • I wish there was a moderation claim that was something like Made a question only to answer it themself in the question body

  • @Zafirua Answer moderation is pointless, you can just report it and same effect.

  • @incapaz

    Oh, I thought you were talking about a block button in the forum! Well, I'd like it if there is a block button in the forum, but I see it pointless at scriptinghelpers (excepting the chat), because scriptinghelpers is not about relating with users, you just encounter one and probably you won't see it again. Although, like in all webpages that use user to user interaction, there is a probability of that someone could start "stalking" you. Then, I think, when you report someone, it should be automatically blocked. Otherwise, I think it's just a disturbing button.

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