A good way to start learning Lua?

  • Hello! As you see from the title I want to know if there is a way to get better with scripting in Lua? I want you guys to comment how did you start learning scripting? What do you think is a great way to learn? How should I start and what should I do? I want to get better since I am really bad and only know the basics.. I want to go more "advanced" and be able to help people here, on Scripting Helpers.

    Thank you, Dannie :D

  • @HeyItzDanniee I started scripting on ROBLOX in 2014. I learned scripting from using free models. Back then, I only knew the basics, such as changing the properties of a part through code. I would look at the free model’s scripts and edit the parts I knew how to edit. I got some interesting results. Sometimes I just guessed how to code something, and it worked. Using ROBLOX Wiki also helped a lot, mainly back then because now almost every topic is deprecated lol. But using free model scripts is a good way to learn. Just don’t use any free model in general and pass it on as your own.

  • The first time I used ROBLOX Studio I just placed tons of free models for no reason into my game. Then I started to "try" to modify the scripts inside them or at least to guess how they worked (I just changed "integers", which means "numbers" in programming and some "strings", which means "text" in programming, although I didn't modify important things.)

    Then I searched up for tutorials on youtube, and I watched these vids (Be careful, they are old and some things are deprecated, which means some things do not work same anymore, but if you only watch these tutos you will have no prob with that.)


    Then I started investigating by myself. I looked up for random things at wiki.roblox.com , and I eventually got better. And I ended up knowing how to script (Or so I think).

    I also made a tutorial about debugging, you could take a look at it.


    By the way, you can skip the free models investigating part. But always investigate by yourself. That is very important. Never stop investigating, discovering things you didn't know. That is the most important thing when learning to script; to discover by yourself. And you can watch other videos if you want, I just said how I got started. I just took a little boost with those tutorials and then I progressed by myself.

    Good luck! I love it when someone is interested in scripting and asks for help. It's great, have no doubt in asking for help! It is also really important. Good luck!

  • @Aimarekin so we have similar 'how i started scripting' stories

  • @incapaz


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