add language compatibility for the site

  • @incapaz y not

  • @hiimgoodpack if something is your native language you didn’t need a translator.

  • @incapaz

    I also can speak Spanish, although I don't see language compatibility an important function in the site, because most ROBLOX users speak English, and if you want to be a dev, you must talk English. Otherwise it is real pain. And Google Translate doesn't understand most programming vocabulary.

  • @Aimarekin a basic understanding of english is okay, especially in coding, since the keywords, function names, everything is in english. though you can make your functions, variables and strings in other languages.

  • Language Compatibility is only added when a vast majority of people demand it. Scripting Helpers do not have majority of Spanish Speaking people thus it won't be added.

  • @Zafirua still good tho

  • I would guess that the website staff will put it off until Roblox themselves adds better language support for there websites and core platform, and a larger population of non-native english speakers join the community.

    Also, I feel like the same people are actively commenting to the same threads often (including me). Should we take the discussion over to the ScriptingHelpers discord?

  • Global Moderator

    If you're not willing to use Google's translate function embedded into Chrome, or Google Translate, there's really no other way to translate our site. Sure, we can hire native speakers to translate our main pages, TOS, etc., though a majority of the site is composed of user asked questions, which are primarily in English. It isn't cost effective to hire a native speaker to translate each and every question, especially since questions are created all the time, when there's an easier alternative such as a translate function embedded into Google Chrome.

  • @Shawnyg I like the google translate function. Just a bit inaccurate, but i can understand what it tries to say. The questions won’t be needed to be translated. Though translating stuff like the TOS and blog would be nice.

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